Wing It (The Engagement Edition)!

For my Wing It Assignments I decided to explore fellow students Get Productive assignments and do them myself. I have found that many of my fellow Nousions have great ideas and I have enjoyed learning from them.

So my assignment is to find a get productive idea and see how it works. I decided to check out Morgan’s suggestion of Diigo. I had never heard of this site before and I found it very interesting. It caught my attention quickly because I always have so many tabs open at once and things I want to remember for future use and sometimes loose them.

I explored Diigo a bit and can’t wait to use it more. I think it will be very useful and help me organize all of the pages and sites that I have found interesting and want to go back to.

I am definitely not good at giving myself a grade. But I guess I would give myself an 8/10 on using this application. Mainly because I am behind and wish I had more time to use it which I plan on but for the moment I have only been able to brush the surface.

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