When I think of Digital Citizenship I think it entails how we should act on the web similar to how we should act as a citizen in society. There are ways that we all behave in the world to be active good citizens. Things are as simple as waiting in lines, being respectful, not littering and destroying things, and just being a decent person. I am guessing that Digital Citizenship is similar just how we should act in the digital world.

I feel however that it is very difficult to determine how to do on the internet. I really didn’t think about this type of thing at all before taking this class and I am still a bit vague on what it does actually entail. I was thinking it might involve what information you can use on the internet and what you can post and use as your own similar to copyright laws. Does that type of thing exist on the internet? It could also deal with what we post online and how we do it and how we interact with each other online.

Digital Citizenship probably covers a lot of different aspects that I have no idea about. It could also entail who has access to the internet and what is available to us on the internet. I use the internet every day for many different aspects, however I am sure that I don’t know the half of what is available. There is also the aspect of what we leave for our digital footprint. We are constantly posting pictures, social media posts and blogs posts and I am sure there is something in posting that is covered in digital citizenship.

Learning how and what we can post and use in a school classroom is also what I thought this class might cover and part of digital citizenship. Many aspects of teaching is now transitioned to online from when I went to school and I am sure there is a lot that is involved in how and what should be used as a teacher. The content and how it is presented and used along with everything else in between. I am assuming there is a huge spectrum of what is involved in digital citizenship and I look forward to learning more.

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  1. Chris Lott said:

    Good. The digital footprint, behavior, etc (what I often call Digital Citizenship 1.0 or the protectionist part of the idea) are important.

    Copyright and intellectual property are certainly part of digital citizenship! And not only do the laws that govern how we use work in print and other traditional forms apply also to online work, but there is also a whole superset of norms and practices in the realm of what is not just legal but also ethical.

    And it does all boil down to how we live, behave and act online as citizenship is partially that offline too. But not only that! Now let’s see what new things you learn as you explore!

    June 8, 2019

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