Think About Your Thinking Redux

After reflecting on collection 3 assignments I would say that Making sense of Copyright was an assignment that I learned a lot and could have done better. I was so focused on making the actual timeline that I did not explore the topic as much as I should have and found as many resources as I could have.

I think this assignment was made so that we would fully understand copyright laws and why they were put in place and changed and when things were put into action. Another aspect might have been to learn how to make a timeline and that is what I focused on.

If I could tell anything to a student in the future it would be to always check on programs and verify that they are really free. I have a bad habit of starting a project and getting excited about it and spending a lot of time building something, in this instance a timeline, and then not being able to save and post it. (I might have already actually posted this comment in a previous collection.) Of course I don’t expect everything to be free and completely understand that people charge money for their programs and they should.

I did learn a lot about copyright laws and this whole collection was very informative. I think there will always be some gray area but I hope to execute copyright laws correctly in the classroom.

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