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I decided to create a Creative Commons license for my Living in Alaska post. I highly doubt any one would want to use this post given some of the pictures are upside down and things are a bit wonky but I would want to make a post like this available and give people the opportunity to share it so that people can see how great living in Alaska can be. Being military people are terrified of being stationed here and if we share our experiences then hopefully people will become a bit more open minded.

I choose CC BY-NC 4.0 because I would like to get credit for the pictures and mainly know if changes have been made and used for the intent that I want it to be shared. People can however change, remix, and build upon it as they would like. I used the non commercial option because I would like to get paid for my work if it was to be sold, plus one of these pictures I did not take so would not want to sell someone work and my intent is not to make money but to show the wonder and beauty of Alaska and encourage people to not be afraid if they get a military assignment to Alaska.

A proper scenario of my page would be if it is shared by someone to show what Alaska can be like for an average person. The pictures could be shared on a military site or Facebook group to encourage fellow military families that Alaska is not that bad. Because adaptions can be made pictures can be changed and added if someone decided to.

An improper scenario would be if someone used my pictures to sell or make any sort of profit.

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  1. Hi Maureen,

    I really enjoyed reading your post. I loved the pictures you used to show living in Alaska. I would have to agree that wildlife, snow and north lights sum this up pretty well. I saw that you post had some similarities to Morgan’s ( because you both chose similar licenses. You both discussed how you want people to be able to remix/share the work you posted. I feel the same way about this topic and I think that it is nice for people to be able to openly collaborate. Great job!

    August 1, 2019

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