Making Sense of Copyright

A Brief History of Copyright in the United States

I made a very Brief History of Copyright in the United States timeline from information from website (linked above). I liked how this website was laid out so I used the information from it for my timeline. I also linked each time period to the website because they had nice timelines within each time period. Since I am hoping to teach Middle School I made the timeline for middle school audience. I liked that they could see a brief history and then click on the links and learn more if they wanted.

I also used a site called VENNGAGE to create the time line and after I had it all finished realized it was not truly free like I originally thought. But I was able to share it on my twitter account and then connect the link below. Hopefully that works.

Copyright Timeline


  1. Sam Starr said:


    Hope you are enjoying your time in Kodiak. The weather isn’t always this nice so you picked a great time to come! I enjoyed looking over your time line, I also found the website to be a good resource. I decided to branch out a little more and bring in other cites as well. I found that while gave a good time line the information describing the events was more thoroughly explained through other means. Just a thought for future assignments!

    July 7, 2019
    • admin said:

      Hi Sam,
      Good point! I definitely took an easy route on this assignment. I wont lie since I am new at working with screencasts, infographics, and building fancy timelines I was more focused on that then the actual content. I will try to expand an bit more and bring in some more resources and ideas. Thank you for the comment!!

      July 8, 2019

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