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For this assignment I wanted to compare my own privacy matters video with Liz’s and Nina’s. We all had similar aspects and thoughts about privacy and some things that were slightly different. I really liked how Liz made a point about how fortunate she feels about living in the US especially as a woman. I didn’t put that point in my slideshow but I do think about it all the time and I liked that she brought it up. Even though our privacy is becoming less and less we have to remember how fortunate we are to live in the country that we do and we actually have a lot of rights that other countries do not. Similarly to Liz I don’t use the internet a ton and like she said about herself I am also an internet dinosaur and will have to start using that phrase.

Both Liz and Nina talked about wireless tracking and that was also something that I talked about. This is a huge aspect of privacy and I feel like is probably one of the things we all dislike the most when it comes to privacy. I don’t like people being able to track where I am going and yet every app you download these days does some kind of location tracking.

One thing that both Nina and Liz talked about that I did not was about having your identity stolen. I have never had this happen and so often forget about this being a think so it was a good reminder to be about being more diligent about keeping info private when possible.

Nina stated one of my main points that I focused on in my slideshow and that was that we don’t have anything to hid but we are still entitled to your privacy. For me before this project and had the view just like Liz in that I am not worried about privacy much because I don’t use the internet that much so it has never been a bit worry. But during my research my view changed and I am leaning more towards what Nina said in that even if you don’t have things to hide, you are still entitled to privacy.

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