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The Fairbanks area forests are know as Boreal Forests. The species of trees that are found in the Boreal Forests include white spruce, quaking aspen, paper birch, black spruce, balsam poplar, and larch. These forests can endure extreme climate weather with temperatures from hot to extreme cold. North of the Alaska Range there is not much precipitation so the forests get most of their moisture from the snow melt.

boreal forest
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In Alaska, boreal forest is found in the Interior lands between the Brooks Range in the north and the Coast Range in the south. At higher elevations within the broad range of the boreal forest ecosystem are pockets of alpine tundra vegetation, and along the margins of its range, it intergrades with lowland or arctic tundra.

There are also a wide variety of flowers and other plant life in the Fairbanks area. One of the most common is the fireweed which lines the roadways and rivers with a bright pink color. Other flowers include the wild iris, lupine, and Alaska poppies to name a few.

Midnight sunset over dwarf fireweed, or river beauty, along the Marsh Fork of the Canning River in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in the Brooks Range mountains, Alaska. (Patrick J Endres /
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