People of Fairbanks

The population of Fairbanks is 31,843. People are spread out around the area and majority do not live in the downtown area. The draw for many people to live in Fairbanks is opportunity to live with nature and enjoy its natural beauty. The people are friendly and helpful and the atmosphere is laid back and accepting of all people. During the summer months the people spend their time outside exploring while during the winter months people stay inside more but they aren’t afraid to bundle up and explore the beauty of the snow on skis, snowshoes, or snow machines.

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The Athabaskan culture is strong in the Fairbanks area and many still maintain a subsistence lifestyle of fishing, hunting, and trapping while blending with modern technology. These people are the heart of Fairbanks and give it its long rich culture. There are many areas around Fairbanks where you can learn and get a glimpse into the life of the Athabaskan culture including Pioneer Park and visiting an Athabaskan village on a ride on the Riverboat Discovery.

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