Back to the Future

My view on digital literacy has definitely expanded over the last few weeks. Before this class the concept of digital citizenship never crossed my mind. I used the internet for email, purchases, basic google searches, and resources and reviews for travel and restaurants. I never considered such a thing as being a good digital citizen. Now that I have explored the world of digital citizenship a bit more, I have realized how much it entails, I also know that there is still so much more that I feel I can learn and understand.

The trickiest thing that I find is how the concept of digital citizenship is constantly changing. Because the digital world is constantly changing; so must the concept of citizenship. Compared to most things in our world the internet came about and changed quickly. Society didn’t have a chance to keep up, so we didn’t learn how to use properly and we didn’t start with a clear concept of digital citizenship. But now, we have the opportunity to teach children how to use the web and be good citizens. I hope to continue learning and understanding all that the web has to offer so that I can teach my students how to be good digital citizens. I did not realize how much the internet is being used in the modern classroom and all the resources that are available. I now have a much better start in understanding and teaching digital citizenship.

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