Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) provides rights and protections to children with disabilities as well as for their parents or legal guardians.

The IDEA was passed in 1975 and the purpose was to provide a free appropriate public education to children with disabilities and to give parent or legal guardians a voice in their child’s education.

Most parents don’t have to deal with the IDEA, however, I have seen what a blessing this has been for my brother and his wife and having a child with a disability. They have been able to get the services and help that they need for my niece and have her in a wonderful program. It did however come with her parents making themselves very educated in the process and was not always easy. She is not in 2nd grade and doing wonderfully. IDEA has protected her and her parent in her education while she is young and eventually she will fall under the ADA that will protect her when she becomes an adult and will be working.